Right before receiving a bullet to the head, Death themself appears before Black Dog and offers him a deal: a second chance in a change of his name. Thus, back to a world that believes him death, Dog is determined to seek answers and justice, with a big black dog walking by side and persecuted by beings that don’t approve his deal with Death.

A punto de recibir la bala que debe poner punto y final a su vida, a Black Dog se le aparece la misma Muerte, quien le ofrece un trato: una segunda oportunidad a cambio de su nombre. Así, de vuelta a un mundo que lo cree muerto, Dog se dispone a encontrar respuestas y justicia, acompañado por un enorme perro negro que camina siempre a su lado y perseguido por seres que no ven con buenos ojos su trato con la Muerte.

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Underdog: Stray

What happened to Black Dog after the events of Underdog? Pay what you want and get a short extra story!

Story & art
Script assistant (chapter 1-4): Black Velvet

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